Effingham is a community that comes together to celebrate our independence. For two years, the Effingham Rotary has been organizing the greater community Fourth or July celebration. The event is based on donations from members, community stakeholders, and you.


Vocational education promotes higher standards, professionalism, and the eternal desire to expand knowledge. Annually, the Effingham Rotary awards the Vocational Excellence Award for exemplary dedication to vocation. The Vocational Excellence award is governed by the Vocation Committee.


International Service exemplifies our global reach in promoting peace and understanding. Due to generous donations, rotary has almost eradicated polio. Future goodwill will focus our efforts on increasing the quality of life worldwide.

Youth Service

From Guatemala to Effingham, the Effingham Rotary is empowering youth worldwide. We focus on literacy, health, and the pursuit of education with sustainable efforts to last eternity. We are a club of action, and our commitment can be seen across the world.


As a community organization, we have served our community since 1920. With almost 100 years of service, we must build and grow our professions and our organization. Our group offers members unique connections, leadership positions, and training. We can help mentor your employee while benefiting the community.

How can you help?

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